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At Jon Spiller Plastering and Screeds, we are expertly skilled in the mixture and application techniques involved in creating first-class external plastering results. With this, our team provide all property owners throughout Langport with our professional external plastering services, assisting all customers who are looking to improve and enhance their exterior walls. Our plastering specialists have been working in the industry for many years and therefore have broad experience in all areas of external plastering work. This ensures all of our plastering services are completed with optimum safety, efficiency and precision, leaving our customers more than happy with their plastering results. 


There are many reasons why property owners opt to have their external walls plastered, however, increased wall durability, protection from mould and fungus and improved aesthetics are the most common. 


There are many benefits of applying plasterboard to the exterior walls of a property, including:

  • Increased wall durability 
  • Prevents mould and fungus 
  • Prevents cracked walls
  • Prevents entry of moisture
  • Protects from climate changes 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Improved wall texture 
  • Insulation qualities 
  • And so much more. 


Our plastering services begin with the mixing stage. Our plastering specialists are all highly skilled in the best mixing techniques which ensures all external plaster we work with is mixed to the perfect consistency prior to the application process. 


The application process includes two rigorous coatings and lathings in order to add to the thickness of the external walls. This is crucial in significantly increasing the overall durability of the walls as well as creating a strong barrier to prevent heat loss and to protect the property from all external elements. 


When applied to the wall, plasterboard leaves the surface smooth, which can be an ideal solution for those who are looking to improve the appearance of their external walls by smoothing the wall texture. At Jon Spiller Plastering and Screeds, we also offer a rough plaster service to those who are looking for more of a textured finish, which ensures we are able to accommodate all customers with their personal preferences and specific wants and needs. 


To ensure all of your requirements are met with your external plaster work, one of our plastering specialists will plan your service by discussing all plastering specifications with you. This discussion will allow us to gain an in-depth understanding of the results you are hoping to achieve, your chosen colour/stain, and more.


At Jon Spiller Plastering and Screeds, we pride ourselves on our customer service, efficient work and overall safety, and have therefore built a strong reputation which we are incredibly proud of. Our plasterers ensure all properties are respected from the moment the plasterwork begins to the moment we leave, as well as ensuring an array of safety measures are in place for the entire duration of the service. Therefore, when choosing to undergo your external plaster work with our team, you can be sure that your property will be in safe hands and first-class results will be achieved as efficiently as possible. 


For any additional information surrounding our external plastering services, give us at Jon Spiller Plastering and Screeds a call on 01458259603 or 07855497795 where one of our specialists will assist you further. 

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